Statement of Support – Peter Tatchell


It is an outrage that Talha Ahsan has spent six years in prison, without charge, fighting extradition to the US, a country he has never visited, in connection with the vaguest of allegations.

If there is any evidence against Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad, Gary McKinnon or any other British citizens facing extradition under Extradition Act 2003, over their alleged conduct in the UK, they should be tried in the UK courts.

Extradition to the US would mean these British citizens will be subjected to appalling prison conditions, including solitary confinement and the denial of access to their lawyers, families, witnesses and the evidence they need to defend themselves. This is an affront to human rights and justice. For Talha Ahsan and Gary Mckinnon, who suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, and represent a risk of suicide and self harm, the prison conditions they would face in the US are all the more cruel and inhuman.

The UK government should honour its promises while in opposition by halting all extraditions under the 2003 Act and by repealing the draconian, imbalanced provisions of this odious law.

I stand in solidarity with Talha, Barbar, Gary and everyone similarly affected by the harsh, unfair terms and conditions of UK extradition law. I support their battle for justice and human rights.

Peter Tatchell,
Human Rights Campaigner 

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