VIDEO: ‘Is It Cos I is a Muslim?’ Extradition Double Standards with Peter Oborne, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Victoria Brittain

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TV Special on Extradition of Talha Ahsan & Babar Ahmad Islam Channel – on TV on October 2012

PART 1: Fathers of Talha Ahsan & Babar Ahmad, Murad Qureshi (London Assembly Member for Labour Party)

PART 2 : Hamja Ahsan and Ismail Jalisi (We are Babar Ahmad campaign)

PART 3: Andy Slaughter MP, Victoria Brittain, Saghir Hussain,  Nigel Mills MP (Conservative MP for Abbey Mills) on phone

PART 4: Peter Oborne (Daily Telegraph political commentator) Jeremy Corbyn MP (Labour)

Phone: David Bermingham & Asim Qureshi (CAGE)

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