Trial set for British terror suspects in US

Two British men extradited to the United States this month on terror charges will stand trial in October 2013, a federal court in Connecticut said Monday.

Judge Janet Hall set the October 21, 2013 trial date for Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan, who are accused of supporting terrorism because of their role in running websites that aimed to raise support for rebels fighting the Russians in Chechnya and guerrillas in Afghanistan.

The websites produced under the name Azzam Publications were in operation between 1996 and 2002 and for a time relied on a website hosting company in Connecticut.

In addition to the websites, the pair are accused of providing material aid to the Taliban and to the Chechen fighters in the form of false documentation, communications equipment, military clothing and other gear.

Ahmad, 38, and Ahsan, 33, pleaded not guilty immediately after their arrival in the United States on October 6.

Prosecutors are seeking to try the two men together.

Three others were extradited in the same batch from Britain, including radical Egyptian-born London preacher Abu Hamza, who is awaiting trial in New York.

SOURCE: The Telegraph

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