Poetry of the year

by Andy Croft

The Star’s 21st-century poetry reviews editor Andy Croft gets the low-down from fellow poets on the collections which have most impressed in 2012

Pat Winslow

Three collections have burned themselves into me this year.

Christopher Reid’s A Scattering (Arete, 2009) is sad, remarkable and honest – “My wife is in there, somewhere, doing practical work: her organs and tissues are educating young doctors.”

Such spare, simple language – exactly where Reid’s integrity lies.

Norbert Hirschhorn’s Monastery Of The Moon (Dar al-Jadeed, Beirut) is deeply humanitarian and he should be better known in this country.

Finally, Talha Ahsan’s fierce and gentle Grieving And Other Poems recently won two Koestler Awards.

I fear we shall never hear his eloquent voice again.

Pat Winslow’s most recent book is Kissing Bones (Templar).

SOURCE: Morning Star

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