Prison Writing and Fighting Extradition – An Event with Gary Mulgrew


with Gary Mulgrew & Amrit Wilson

Part of the Tinag Festival

Sunday January 27th

3.30pm – 5pm
Bishopsgate Institute
230 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH
Tube : Liverpool Street
How is the law being used to erode civil liberties and transgress so-called ‘Nation-State’ protection/boundaries? What is the meaning of sovereignty and citizenship? What are the impacts of extreme isolation in US prisons? What is it like to be extradited? How does the plea bargain work? What is it like to be detained for 8 years without trial? What are the long-term collective strategies in the fight against the notorious 2003 US-UK Extradition Treaty? These questions will be explored through personal experience, film clips, literary readings and discussion.

Join us for a special event – fighting extradition the notorious 2003 US-UK Extradition Treaty, Solitary confinement & writing & reading in prison

Featuring. Talha Ahsan Koestler award-winning prison poetry, short films and special guests:

- Gary Mulgrew – one of the Natwest Three, highest profile extradition cases, author of prison memoir Gang of One on ordeal of extradition and US prison system – soon to be made into a film starring Dougray Scott. Nominated for political book of the year.

- Hamja Ahsan – brother of Talha Ahsan, head of campaign to reform Extradition laws, solitary confinement & civil liberties. Shell Our Heroes Award 2013 nominee.

- Amrit Wilson (chair) – activist and writer. Winner of Martin Luther King Award.

We will be discussing prison writing & reading & updates on Talha cases - with Talha prison poetry & film clips

There will be a small exhibition from Arts Against Extradition collective too :

Festival programme:

Free, no booking taken.

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