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Please email the address above for any form of correspondence.

Free Talha Ahsan Campaign

Please NOTE P.O. Box postal address is not currently active but may

be reactivated soon and email for mobile contact number.


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Talha’s brother Hamja Ahsan (who directs the campaign)

can also be contacted on his personal twitter @hamjaahsan




if you would still like to write to Talha email:


Email with your letter and WRITE2TALHA in the subject heading

to notify family. Talha’s postal address will be promptly emailed back.


Guidelines for writing to Talha Ahsan in USA

Talha appreciate and love to receive letters. Thank you for solidarity. He usually writes back to anyone who writes to him. As he is in pre-trial solitary confinement, this company is of great value.

  • Write your postal return address on the back. Any letter without a postal address will not pass through and be destroyed.
  • Note from US Attorney : “Talha would like to receive personal communications but does not want to receive any letters regarding any case-related discussion of any kind. Copies of all incoming mail to Talha will be provided to and reviewed by the United States Attorney’s Office. We urge people to exercise caution and avoid any discussion related to the pending charges or legal proceedings.” So please do not write anything related to the trial / allegations / indictment & charges, as this may harm the case. It best to keep writing about personal things like hobbies & past-times & book you read etc
  • Talha has no access to education or a library just a small trolley of books and no poetry. He has requested academic articles, short stories and can also send him poetry. If would like to send any – he would be very grateful.
  • Please avoid foreign languages. This includes Arabic or Islamic terms which may result in delays in communication.
  • Newspaper cuttings are NOT allowed.
  • Cards and letters by children with stickers and collages are NOT allowed.
  • Stamps are NOT allowed.
  • News and other sensible material printed off the internet are OK
  • Do not send any books in a personal parcel. Books can be sent directly through Amazon or publisher (not second hand sellers) – but write to Talha first to see if he is not overwhelmed with reading material.
  • Alternatively, you can email a message of support to which we can forward to him on your behalf.

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