World Autism Month April – Remember Talha Aspergers Syndrome Sufferer in Solitary Confinement

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World Autism Month


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Remember Talha on World Autism Awareness Day -
2nd April

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and Blue Hijab day – organised by Muslimas Oasis


Statement by Muslim Autism Society :

April 2nd 2014 marks World Autism Awareness day. On the day and perhaps for the whole month many activist, parents and charities will be showcasing their support by fundraising, holding workshops and continuing with their ceaseless and rewarding effort to spread awareness and understanding amongst our society.

One story, which will most likely not be mentioned in mainstream media, is of one of the people who deserves remembrance this month and that is Brother Talha Ahsan.


The Muslim Autism Society stands by Brother Talha Ahsan and has followed his case since it was brought forward and again when his extradition to a US supermax prison in Connecticut back in October 2012. We are categorically disturbed by his continuing incarceration … in solitary confinement. This means up to 22-23 hours in a small cell with an hour out of it whilst shackled and chained.

Lets not us forget the several years he was also held in UK maximum prison without trial ….


Talha Ahsan is a British citizen with Aspergers syndrome. This disability is on the Autistic spectrum disorder.

His difficulties are further aggravated by the inhuman surroundings he has been placed in. A person without a disability would find it torturous to be in the same situation, what more with someone who has limited understanding of the world? It is a sensory deprivation cell that they have placed him in.


We are all under scrutiny. Those of us who profess to be advocates for our children and wanting rights and freedoms for them.

A well known, large Autism society in the UK didn’t and don’t speak for British Muslims on the Spectrum. They refused to represent us when they kept silent on this. It is therefore incumbent upon us to hold up that flag. Other Autism Societies that claim to not be bias as to which people they’ll represent based on faith, race, social background and others should stand up and support this too.


Bring Talha Ahsan Home!”


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