CAMPACC Welcome Home Talha Statement of Support

“CAMPACC is delighted that Talha’s nightmare lasting eight years is finally over. He became a victim of the racialised criminal justice system put into place under the pretext of combating terrorism. A young man with a passion for peace, justice and poetry was no terrorist but incarcerated presumably to intimidate other young men from the Muslim community to be silent in the face of injustice. The governments failure to charge him in the UK before a jury showed that there was no evidence against him. The use of the extradition to the US was despicable. That he survived the horrendous conditions in a Supermax prison is a testament to his character and spirit. We wish him well in his reunion with his family and friends where he is sure to flourish in the years to come. We hope that his release would boost the fight against the unfair extradition treaty with the USA.”

#WelcomeHomeTalha Statement of support from CAMPACC

The Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) is a London-based Human Rights & Civil Liberties group formed in March 2001

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