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Message of support from Save Shaker Aamer Campaign

Talha Ahsan welcome home

“The Save Shaker Aamer Campaign is overjoyed at the news that Talha is to be free after many bleak years of brutal imprisonment here in the UK and the US. A great injustice has been done to Talha. All who hold human rights and justice dear to their hearts have been appalled at the British government’s cruel and uncaring role in extraditing him to the US. All who gave support to the campaign to free Talha should be proud of their actions carried out for many years. SSAC will continue to campaign against other injustices such as the continued incarceration of Shaker Aamer and other Guantanamo prisoners cleared for release and victims of the war on terror. The war on terror unleashed attacks on civil liberties and fuelled Islamophobia and racism generally. We will continue to campaign on these issues. We wish Talha, and his family much happiness for the future. Our thoughts are with you all at this celebratory time.”

Joy Hurcombe Chair
Ray Silk Secretary

Save Shaker Aamer Campaign

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