Julia O’Dwyer says #WelcomeHomeTalha – campaigning mother of Extradition victim Richard O’Dwyer



“I can’t say anything more than Hamja has already most eloquently said during his amazing fight against Theresa May’s extradition machine. And yes Theresa May should apologise to Talha’s mum for the horrible agony she has caused, she should wake up to how cruel she has been and she should be ashamed of the nasty remarks she made at the Tory #Nastyparty Party conference in 2012.
The US Judge Janet Hall in Talha’s hearing rejected the Prosecutions claims of Al Quaeda links to Talha. She also said she found much of the prosecution presentation to be unreliable…  Judge Hall exposed both the US and British governments as liars. There was no evidence of any terrorism.
And so the fight to have this rotten piece of legislation changed must go on and until it is, there will be more injustices and more unjust extraditions to the US.
It is high time someone asked the question of our elected government-
Is there any limit to Americas’s perversely exorbitant jurisdiction?”
16th August 2014
Julia O’Dwyer’s Extradition campaign prompted by a US request for her son Richard O’Dwyer can be found online here

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