Timeline of events

8 February 2006
Metropolitan Police search the family home on behalf of the US government. Hundred of items of personal property from all members of the family including Talha brother, mother, father and nephew is seized including diaries, mobile phones, music, film media and college work. None of this is not returned to this day.
19 July 2006
He is arrested and remanded into custody. He spends the night at Winchester police station.
20 July 2006
He is transferred to HMP Winchester.

21 July 2006
He is transferred to HMP Belmarsh.
19 March 2007
He loses at the Magistrate Courts.
22 January 2008
He is transferred to the Detainee Unit, HMP Long Lartin.
10 April 2008
He loses both his appeal against extradition at the High Courts and a judicial review against the Director of Public Prosecutions for not charging him in the UK.
14 May 2008
He is refused an appeal by the House of Lords.
9 December 2008
A decision is made by the former Governor that all members of the Detainee Unit without exception are to be confined to the unit. They are no longer allowed to mix with mainstream prisoners on normal locations such as gym, education and Friday prayers.
19 March 2010
He loses in a joint judicial review against prison conditions.

6 July 2010
The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) accepts his appeal for hearing.
13 October 2010
He is transferred to HMP Manchester.
6 January 2011
He is returned to the Detainee Unit.
27 February 2011
A booklet of his poetry, This be the Answer, is launched at an event in Edinburgh with readings by novelist A L Kennedy and actor Tam Dean Burn.
4 April 2011
HM Inspectorate of Prisons visit the Detainee Unit and report “too little attention was paid to their uniquely isolated and uncertain position.”
19 July 2011
Supporters mark the fifth anniversary of his imprisonment by an event in London with contributions from his solicitor Gareth Peirce and veteran campaigner Bruce Kent. Playwright and actor Avaes Mohammed reads a piece by Talha especially written for the occasion.
24 November 2011
Caroline Lucas MP raises his case at the Westminster Hall extradition debate  and pays tribute to the efforts and courage of his family in campaigning for him.
10 April 2012
He loses his case at the ECtHR.10 July 2012
He submits an appeal to the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR.
23 May 2012
He participates in a Home Affairs Committee hearing from prison via videolink. Chairman Keith Vaz MP acknowledges his “fortitude” in detainment.“My Name is Ahsan” event (after Bollywood film, My Name is Ahsan) held in central London with contributions from Natwest 3 David Bermingham and actor Riz Ahmed.
June-July 2012
Extradition - a documentary on Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad directed by independent filmmaker Turab Shah- tours the UK. Cities visited include Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Cambridge and across London.
19 July 2012
His family marks the sixth anniversary of his detention by an event with contributions from Labour London Assembly member Murad Qureshi, writer Amrit Wilson,  BARAC anti-racism activist and trade-unionist Zita Holbourne and investigative journalist Andy Worthington. Noam Chomsky makes a special video message for this event.

6th September 2012
The BBC reports that British businessman Karl Watkin brings a private prosecution against Babar Ahmad.

20th September 2012
Talha Ahsan’s poem Grieving wins a platinum award as part of the Koestler Trust’s annual awards. His collection of poems entitled Grieving wins a bronze award. Grieving is exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank from 20th September.

24 September 2012

The European Court of Human Rights rejects Talha Ahsan’s request for a referral to the Grand Chamber, ruling that there would be ‘no violation of the applicants’ rights if extradited to stand trial in the United States.’ The judgement is objected 26 American Human Rights NGOs including ACLU, CCR and Human Rights First and 150 academics including Noam Chomsky and Jeanne Theoharis. United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez voices concern.

1st October 2012
Talha Ahsan’s lawyers make an application for a High Court injunction to halt his extradition. Hours later, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, announces his refusal to allow a private prosecution brought by Karl Watkin.

2nd October 2012
High Court hears the applications made by the five extradition detainees, including Talha Ahsan. His lawyers seek to judicially review the CPS’ refusal to prosecute him in the UK.

5th October 2012
High Court refuses a  judicial review in Talha Ahsan’s case. He is immediately extradited to the US that evening.

6th October 2012
Talha enters a not-guilty plea at a federal district court hearing in New Haven, Connecticut. He  is remanded into custody in Supermax prison Northern Correctional Facility in solitary confinement.

19th July 2013

An event marking of 7 years of Talha Ahsan detention without trial entitled Long Walk : Family Struggles for Justice at London Rich Mix centre. Guests include  Hillsborough Justice Campaign director Sheila Coleman, Justice for Paps deaths in custody justice campaign, A.L. Kennedy and comedian Ava Vidal. A new awarding winning short film Dinnertime on Ahsan family ordeal is screened for the first time.

25th November 2013

Free Talha Ahsan director Hamja Ahsan is shortlisted for LIBERTY Human Rights Award 2013 stating it for “For his inspiring work leading www.freetalha.org. This creative and innovative campaign highlights the case of Hamja’s brother, Talha, a British-born poet and writer with Aspergers syndrome who was detained without charge or trial for six years in the UK before being extradited to the US in October 2012 where he is currently detained. Hamja has used art, poetry, film and music to bring the issue of summary extradition to wider public and political attention, stating that he is ”…not asking for much, just justice.”

10th December 2013

Talha enters into a plea-bargain with US prosecutors to conspiracy and material support charges, reducing projected 70 year sentence to maximum of 15 years. All other charges are dropped. Repatriation in British prison under British parole rules with UK-based family offered (but not guaranteed) as part of plea-deal.

18th July 2014

Date of Talha Ahsan final sentencing. Talha may be transferred to Metropilitan Correctional Center in New York after sentencing as a transfer prison prior to his possible repatriation.